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Why is it critical to maintain the computer network?


Computer network is the most important component of the IT infrastructure, ensuring fast and secure data exchange inside and outside the company. Improperly configured and maintained network devices pose a risk of intrusion and data loss, and limit data transfer speeds. Heximus professionals use the best security and maintenance practices: they monitor and maintain the state of the internal data network, troubleshoot with competence and ensure that the company’s computer network is fast and secure.

Maintenance services also include

IT Audit

Order IT maintenance services and we will conduct IT Audit free-of-charge!

24/7 Support

To ensure the operation of critical systems, we are ready to help around the clock!


IT security

We recommend the best IT security practices and apply them in the administration of your IT infrastructure

Team of professionals

You will forget about maintaining IT staff as your data centre will be under the supervision of the entire team of professionals


Expert recommendations

By servicing your IT infrastructure, we provide useful insights and recommendations to help prevent future problems


Flexible service packages

Every customer has different needs for IT maintenance, that is why we our service packages are tailored to meet individual customer needs

Network maintenance services


Network hardware maintenance

Properly configured and maintained network devices ensure smooth and secure data exchange inside and outside the company.


Remote network connection

We administer and develop remote VPN networks that allow secure access to resources in the company’s internal network.


Upgrade recommendations

Often, as the number of employees grows, intranet devices are no longer able to cope with the increased data traffic. We will recommend solutions that provide the greatest value.


Setting user rights

User rights setting is a protective layer of the network that protects the company’s internal network from unauthorized access.


Firewall configuration and maintenance

Only a properly configured firewall will ensure the security of the company’s network and protection against intrusions and cyber attacks.


Wireless network configuration

A stable wireless network ensures unrestricted movement of employees on company premises and increases productivity.


Svečių prieigos konfigūravimas

Užtikriname saugią svečių prieigą prie įmonės tinklo ir paruošiame dedikuotą prisijungimo tašką.


Configuring guest access

We ensure secure guest access to the company network and prepare a dedicated access point.

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Smooth network operation


Secure data transfer


Professional consulting


Less IT resources needed


Valuable tips

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