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IT Audit

First step in making your IT work smoothly

What is IT Audit?


IT audit conducted by Heximus will help your company plan the anticipated IT costs and avoid unexpected consequences. IT and information system audit is designed to evaluate the existing condition of IT infrastructure, its’ reliability, efficiency, security gaps and management.

During audit we analyse and make records of the company’s computer hardware by highlighting IT infrastructure weaknesses, we draw up IT infrastructure policy, future action plan and set priorities.

Our experts provide the company’s executives and shareholders with summarized assessments of the current situation and recommendations related to the company’s further IT strategy, efficiency and risk mitigation. We recommend conducting IT audit in the process of acquisitions / mergers, as well as in the event of a change in the company’s executives.

Benefits of IT Audit

IT infrastructure optimization

During IT audits, we identify vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and provide advice on how to optimize it.

Identification of security gaps

IT audits help identify critical infrastructure security gaps and prevent IT security incidents.


Informed decision making

IT audit reveals the true state of the IT infrastructure and allows executives to make informed decisions.

IT budget planning

The information on IT state makes it easier to plan expenses related to key IT needs.

Audit services


Overall IT infrastructure assessment


E-mail, network and data security assessment


Identification of problem areas


Computer risk assessment


Submitting IT Audit report and recommendations


Identifying the backup status of data


Computer hardware performance audit


Antivirus software configuration evaluation


Software licensing audit


Proposal on IT infrastructure optimisation and increased efficiency

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Identify IT weaknesses


Optimise system operation


Plan your expenses


Receive an audit report

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